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>> taking a look at your day planner is a cold start and will remain cold into the afternoon. 34 currently in santa rosa and i will show
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you where the numbers are expect to go in my next report. >> we're looking at light traffic conditions around the bay area. we do see a bit of a wait for the left- hand lanes but those are cash lanes at the bay bridge. it should clear up in a few minutes. around a bay area we're still looking at light traffic with no delays. >> following a developing story we have three people dead overnight in oakland. first there is a double shooting and that happened on this location on the 8800 block of main street in west oakland. that happened around 1 this morning. there around 230 there is a fatal stabbing of the 550 blocks of walnut street. police are still investigating right now and will traiwill tran is jg us live on the scene. >> the police have been here for about five hours now talking to witnesses and
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collecting evidence. they're now in the process of removing the 2 million men who were killed here. i spoke with someone who looked out the window and saw at least two rounds fired at the man. before they left they fired more shots at the bodies. at this point we do not have the names of the victims or the motive at this point. i got here shortly before 5:00 in the morning and a handful of police of ulcers were here and now we're seeing more and more officers on the scene. we're on the verge of breaking this case. there's still cameras in the area while it is fresh in seeing that they did talk to any more witnesses. unfortunately that raises the homicide number to 130. last year it was 110.
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>> on a separate note there is a bunny rabbit on the scene. >> he has eyes did see it out here. when i got here they're people yelling at me saying what are you doing here. people were distraught. >> we would check back with you on an update for this morning. >> an officer involved shooting in else area last night leaving a man in critical condition. police got a call about a man beating a woman behind the chevron gas station on san paulo and portrayed all avenues. officers arrived seen a man pistol whipping a woman. police did findopened fire on a man. he is now hospitalized in critical condition. officers involved in the shooting had eight years ago by law-enforcement experience. an 18 year-old man is in
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critical condition this morning after being shot several times at the pittsburg bay. bart station. this was the scene in the parking lot where the shooting happened. police received reports of the shooting just before 7:00 last night and the victim was transported to john muir medical center with life- threatening injuries that needed surgery. police said not yet located the gunmen and service was stopped last night for about 45 minutes as officers made sure the shooter was not getting away on a bart train. bart trains were also held in concord after reports of a man with a gun at the station. police activity caused major delays last night on the pittsburg a point line in both the sampras is go and pittsburg directions. these reports are related to the earlier shooting at the pittsburg station and service expected to rent regularly today. >> three officers are her every gunman opened fire overnight inside their headquarters near philadelphia. it happened in
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camden county. three officers were hospitalized one of them suffered a gunshot wound and no word on what happens i the police station yet. a high-stakes meeting will be held in washington this afternoon as the nation edges closer to the fiscal cliff. president obama and top congressional leaders will look for common ground to keep automatic tax increases and spending cuts from kicking in. they only have four days to reach an agreement or the u.s. economy will go over the so- called fiscal cliff. that's when automatic tax increases and spending cuts would take effect. reaching a deal before then what be easy. right now both sides are involved in a high-stakes political blame game. >> we in washington are working while the house of representatives are out watching movies and watching the kids play soccer and basketball and doing all kinds of things. they should
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be here. >> i told the president i would be happy to look at whatever he proposes but the truth is we're coming against a hard deadline here. i said this is a conversation we should have had months ago. >> former president george h. w. bush is still in intensive care at a hospital in houston with a stubborn fever. the family is, that he will be out of the i see you sound. the chief of staff said supporters a note yesterday including " he would ask me to tell you please put the sharks back in the closet " the 88 year- old has been in a hospital for more than a month after first coming down with bronchitis. >> a live look at the james lick and traffic is light.
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it is very cold and we will have updates on your forecast. also wall street reacted to washington. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons.
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among watching wall street and the answer is bracing themselves for going over the fiscal cliff here if stock futures down 61 points at the opening bell there is
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another round of meetings in washington say. it could push this economy into a recession is a long-term deal is not reached. the uncertainty has taken a toll on markets. stocks have sold off for four straight sessions and all three indexes are on track and december and negative territory. the dow was down 150 yesterday but closed down just 18 points after word reached investors that the house of representatives will be reconvening on sunday. >> more than 14,000 longshoremen are threatening to go on strike at 15 major ports on sunday. the labor dispute is based on an expiring contract between the international longshoremen's association and the u.s. maritime alliance. the fourth involved in the dispute transport more than 100 million t of good at the
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goods and every year, about 40 percent of the nation's cargo traffic. the walkout could cost the economy billions of dollars that would affect ford's from new york city to houston. amazon is announce this year's holiday sales as their biggest ever. consumers purchased 306 items per second on their peak day this season. amazon says customers order 26 and a half million items on cyber monday. that is a new record for the online retailer. amazon set another record on christmas day for digital download. the scandal continues to dominate the websites best sellers with the kindle fire hb tablet leading the way. >> it helps the u.s. economy. >> that's why i did it mark >> you did it for the economy. a look at the bay bridge and it is common pleasant and 32 degrees right now. we're expecting a few rain showers later on today.
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>> we are watching the weather across the country and a lot of folks are still traveling. many people in the midwest and northeast waking up to sonority conditions. -- snowy conditions
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you can see in the northeast they are getting a break from the storm but i want to focus and on the gulf states where parts of arkansas and southern louisiana are looking at the possibility for some severe storms. right now they're looking at rainy conditions but also may be some freezing rain is a concern for safe. if we have quite a few winter weather advisory's still posted for parts of the northeast. more snow is expected possibly tomorrow. an arkansas they are waking out without electricity. more than 160,000 people are in the dark this morning. utility companies say some customers could be without power and to the new year. that has a lot of folks to scramble to find more in places to get. temperatures are subfreezing. freezing rain is also expected for today and that could delay the restoration of power services even longer. rain cutting the power lines is
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not a good thing. the storm has covered several states and has been blamed for at least 16 deaths. >> caltrans is lifted shane restrictions on interstate 88 and highway 50 through the sierra near lake tahoe for the first time in days. roads are clear for now and there is still plenty of snow off to the sites. rose on a weighted tahoe area ski resorts are also clearing up and they're reporting plenty of fresh powder on the ground. an avalanche advisory has also been downgraded from considerable to moderate. two people have been killed in avalanches in the sierra. >> they have got a lot of snow but it looks like the roads are pretty clear if he had to tahoe. good morning erica >> good morning adaria. it looks like they have the chance for snow showers
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associated with the system as rain comes through the bay area saturday and sunday. it will be a cold wind and the sierra and the highs are hovering below freezing. the lows are getting down to one degree as we head into sunday morning. satellite and radar shows we have some rain making its way closer to the bay area. a lot clouds associated with this system and future cast four shows not too much yet. cloudy conditions but i think we will be dry. there is a pop- up shower that will probably be for the north bay and closer to the coast line. pressure has been keeping us off shore and it looks like is running parallel to the coastline. i do not think this will spread too far and land. some spots could be completely dry as we head into tomorrow. again, the chance up certainly exists for a stray showers of keep an umbrella handy. especially tonight headed into tomorrow morning. in addition to rain or tracking we're looking at pretty
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chilly temperatures. 37 of the dorrance third san jose. heading into the afternoon temperatures will be pretty similar compared to yesterday. fremont 53 and the same for redwood city. mostly cloudy conditions on tap and upper '40's for fairfield. walnut creek 5354 for concord and a turning their attention to the north bay we could have a shower. 52 expected them berkeley and your 7 day around the bay forecast shows what mild weather and to the weekend. we could see a straight shower gel for monday afternoon. tuesday is the start of 2013 and it should be a dry one. >> we continue to monitor a light ride. the last check at bay bridge there was a backup of the left hand cash lane. it has disappeared and
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it looks like we are off to another great day today. no delays for your ride on 92 across the san mateo bridge. volume is definitely up on the west downside headed towards foster city but the drive times are still coming in at just 11 minutes. no increase the volume for the golden gate, still much lighter than usual. the east shore freeway drive time as though 30 minutes westbound. we have not picked up any additional blaze. the 680 ride through the san ramon valley corridor is still 16 to 18 minutes. 1 01 northbound and is delay free and it is problem free from the bottle to the golden gate bridge. >> who says there's no such thing as a free ride. muni service will offer free rides today. mike felt as on
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the same. >> muni turns 100 years old today. are giving you a free ride. buses streeoffering a free ride today. many of the writers of muni have different opinions of the system. >> it is my only way around town. except for walking. >> it beats walking right? >> no sometimes walking is more enjoyable than riding on the muni. >> you catch the cable car when you go to work and it is great. there's never any shortage of ways to get around town and i love it. >> this runs from 5:00 this
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morning until 5:00 tomorrow morning. if you have not written this lime before it today is your chance to check it out for free. >> that was to be doing the same thing for the years. >> a military ball in washington d.c. and quite a show. no. 24 is san jose's slated a comeback on bowling green in the military ball. they can't hear the seven game winning streak and it is their first winning season since 1940. coach mike mcintyre left already
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and is going to colorado. san jose state is back in the national rankings when the ball game 29 to 20. >> the time is 621 and we'll be back in just a couple of minutes. we have new year's eve on the way and we are getting excited about that. you can sit down and enjoy new year's eve from the comfort of your living room with katharine heenan and gary radnich.
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>> sang a look of the san mateo bridge with more traffic this morning in an mournings past. it is a chilly morning, san mateo 30 degrees right now. looking for low 50s of a high. showers may be later on today and in some clearing and then warning in the forecast coming up. other stories we're following the general norman schwarzkopf has died. he gained national
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attention in 1991 when he led operation desert storm which liberated kuwait after the i iraqi invasion. his sister says she died of complications from pneumonia. he was known as storm and norman reached and retired to tampa after serving as commander in chief of u.s. general command there. general schwarzkopf was 78 years old. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is heading back to work next week. she has been working from home while recovering from a concussion she suffered after fainting while fighting a stomach virus. her return to the state department's likely to be good news for capitol hill. glenn will testify next month before the congressional committee committee on the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. russian president vladimir q and has signed a bill today banning americans from adopting russian children. the law also blocks dozens of russian children who are currently in the adoption
6:28 am
process by american families from leaving the country. houston says the bill as retaliation for an american law that calls for action against russian officials who were found guilty of violating human rights. more than 60,000 russian children have been adopted by american families in the past two decades.
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>> opening bell on this friday it looks like dow futures are lower once again. the dow's down the 150. there was news that the house of representatives will be reconvening on sunday. the dow closed only at eight scene. we'll bring bringing numbers from wall street throughout the morning.
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>> we are taking a trade to storm tracker 4. we have a lot of moisture is sitting off shore. it is not hit landfall just yet but if you do feel it is like a heavy sprinkle. we have the potential for some rain later on today and that will increase as we head into the evening hours. we will have sent morning showers but really just an isolated spots. looking ahead, generally dry conditions and i believe we will see sunshine and temperatures a little warmer as we bring in 2013. future cast four into the 8:00 hour shows nothing but clouds and but we will remain trying. -- dry >> we continue to monitor an extremely light ride in the bay area. the san mateo bridge no delays and no backups. a 11 minute drive
6:32 am
times. still light traffic and the east bay as well as the south bay and the north bay. >> 3 homicides in oakland over night. of the first was a double shooting on the 800 block of mead street in west oakland and of that happened around 1 this morning. then at 238 am a stabbing in the 5800 block of walnut street. police are still on the scene investigating. will tran is still on the scene of the doubled shooting to give us information on what happened. >> you could see the police officer right behind me and he says they should be there for at least another two hours as they collect evidence and try to talk to witnesses. about 10 minutes ago the coroner's office left the scene with two bodies. here is video for about 50 minutes ago. i continue to talk to witnesses did not want to go on camera who said he saw the whole thing and called a vicious double murder. he
6:33 am
looked out the window and saw two men standing in front of the house. there were two cars that fold up. one car was the look out car, the second car for men jumped out of and came out to the two guys standing in for the house and started firing shots at them. before those men return to card number to they fired off more rounds to the men on the ground. they left the scene quietly, commonlcalmly. he said it was gruesome and he could not believe it. at this point we do not have the names of the victims that were killed aboard the motive. we will keep you updated as we get the information. >> oakland officials are bringing and william bratton to help turn around the city's police department. he was at headed the los
6:34 am
angeles new york city police department. is rolled be separate from the police compliance director will be named soon. is dry reduction plan will include reviewing oakland crime and tracking technology and recommending ways to build trust with residents. is expected to meet with city officials, officers and community members. police and they point are continue to investigate a car crash involving a known parolee. police say it all started when officers tried to pull them over during a traffic stop and that's when they say he took off and ran his car into a fence. video from skies seven shows the aftermath and the residential neighborhood. officers are continue to search for the man and no was injured in the accident. >> a mother who later life on the line protecting her young children is recovering this morning in an east bay hospitals. 38 year-old maria pardo but shielded her seven year-old twins from gunfire that erupted outside her church in east oakland on christmas eve. oakland
6:35 am
police are still searching for the gunman who opened fire outside centro de banjo is to go beth el search monday night. investigators say the sugar target is 17 year-old boy as he left a nearby liquor store. the bullets penetrated the wall the church and hit cordova as she covered her kids. authorities identified the armed suspect shot and killed by police officers at walnut creek apartment building as a 22 year-old man. we brought the story you yesterday. officers is on is that not one called in which someone was screaming in the background. police they were forced to fire at anthony bonds and junior who was pronounced dead at the scene. they're not release any other details about the confrontation. there were no other injuries and authorities are not looking for other suspects. it >> as south bay doctor faces in voluntary manslaughter
6:36 am
and drug charges for allegedly running a pill mill out of her clinic. that's not margin is facing 13 felony counts in connection with allegedly with illegally prescribing powerful prescription drugs like i to cotton and purpose that the patients at her los gatos clinic. one patient ended up dying of a drug overdose. some of her patients allegedly resold as christian drugs they obtained through the doctor. >> friday's are always a lot busier in tahoe but it will be a great weekend. >> sunday will be a different story. (laughter) >> we will be right back.
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>> and nationalist police in new york are searching for a woman who pushed a man to his death on a subway platform. witnesses say the
6:40 am
one lives talking to ourselves and pasting on the seven train platform and queens. they should push the man on to the tracks as the train pulled into the station and then she ran away. police said the man was struck by the first car and then down by the second. they have not identified the victim and are canvassing the neighborhood of five video of the woman. >> and geneticists are joining the investigation into the sandy hook elementary school shooting massacre. there is state medical examiner will do a complete analysis of the man adam lands as a dna. they are not looking for anything specific in the nl in this analysis and is unlikely they will find a genetically went to launces motive behind the shooting. geneticists say there are genetic components to mental illness but it there are many genes involved not as a single gene or mutation. result of the analysis are not expected for several weeks.
6:41 am
police say an autopsy shows the gunman who killed two your firefighters died of a self-inflicted gunshot to his head. autopsy showed one of the firefighters died of a single gunshot in the other died of 2 shots. 62 year-old william spangler said his home and car on fire on christmas eve morning in a planned attack. he opened fire on the first to fire fighters to a ride on the scene. another body found inside the spangler always believed to be as sister. he also wounded two other firefighters and an off-duty police officer. he was convicted of a convicted felon who served 17 years for killing his grandmother with a hammer. >> taking a look at the quiet golden gate bridge and traffic is nice and light. north of santa rosa is 34 degrees. such a chilly morning. we will see a high there of 51. we will be back with more.
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>> 640 6:43 a.m. and 18 year-old man is in critical condition this morning after he was shot several times at the pittsburgh a point bart station. police received reports of the shooting just before 7:00 last night. the victim was transported to john muir medical center with life-threatening injuries that needed surgery. police have not yet located the gunman. a high-stakes meeting will be helped held in washington this afternoon as a nation edges closer to the fiscal cliff. president obama and top congressional leaders look for common ground to keep automatic tax increases and spending cuts from kicking in. they have only four days to reach agreement or the u.s. economy will go over the fiscal cliff.
6:46 am
>> you may be experiencing some really really light rain right now. that is for the extreme north bay and the bulk of the moisture is sitting off shore. this is the rain that could be affecting you right now and we could have more in the northernmost part of california. a lot of clouds are associated with this system. it will slowly make its way to the bay area. we're not seeing too much here on our models by 8:00 a.m. this morning. putting it into motion later on tonight it is running parallel to the coastline we could see some light rain for the coast. it will be in the north bay and it will not spread too far and land. there may be a pot of our waking up saturday morning. it is a cold start out there, pretty chilly in san francisco 45. 42 in oakland and upper 30's out the door in san carlos 35 for concord
6:47 am
and livermore. the temperatures are as much as nine degrees colder than 24 hours ago. afternoon highs for today is that mostly cloudy conditions. san jose 54 in palo alto and turning our attention to the east bay upper '40's is that after the high for fairfield 51 for concord 53 for pleasanton. light rain expected for the north bay and napa and 52 degrees in richmond. san bruno is coming in at 51 degrees. 7 day around the bay forecast shows mild weather returning to the bay area saturday afternoon stretching into sunday. we could pick up a stray shower as we head into monday afternoon. it will be a dry when as we start off the new year and then shower chances return to the bay area as we head into wednesday and thursday. 646 is sure weather and onto traffic now with george. >> thanks eric up the bay bridge is a good look with
6:48 am
eight no metering lights activated. it will be an easy ride if you are coming from the macarthur maze, the nimitz or the free shore freeway perry no delays to the traffic on the salmon sale bridge is still an 11 minute drive. the golden gate commute 1 01 southbound is an easy trip. volume is picking up on the southbound side. south bay is selling grain at on the traffic maps 1 01 northbound. it is still the 17 minutes from 85 to 237. it is an excellent drive time for this hour. there are no delays the the west valley for highway 85 from 1 01. >> the california highway patrol is starting its d u i crack down for the holiday weekend starting tonight at
6:49 am
6 and lasting through tuesday new year's day. there will be conducting drivers license and sobriety checkpoints and sand and leandro, hayward, out samara fell, fairfield, susan city, cupertino and east palo alto. the enforcement. all follows 151 d y arrest over the past holiday weekend. the chp reminds drivers to always use a designated driver and always wear a seatbelt. >> work continues on a project to add 25,000 white and he delights in san francisco side of the bay bridge. project organizers $88 million, privately funded project is the largest of its kind. about four times larger than the eiffel tower in paris. the project is expected to be finished on march 5th and will be in place for two years. it will only be visible from the north side of the bridge and will not be visible to those driving on the bridge.
6:50 am
a slight increase in prices today gas. the average for a gallon of regular gas in san francisco is $3.62 this morning. average prices in san jose and oakland are 3¢ at $3.53 and $3.52. the average across california's $3.54 this morning. >> prosecutors in about have filed charges against two uc berkeley law students accused of killing and decapitating an exotic bird had a loss vegas resort. residents are arrested 24 year-old justin tax sarah and 24 year-old eric whaler back in october. authorities say the two were seen laughing entering the body of a dead a helmeted jenny fall like the ones you see here. this was at the flamingo resorts wildlife habitat. sex there was
6:51 am
charged yesterday with felony killing of another person's animal among other torture and cruelty accounts. cuellar was charged with engaging in animal cruelty. both men are due in court in february. residents in an jacket band together to raise money to rebuild a part run by arsonists. this is what the antioch park toddler lot look like after arsonists set fire to it back in september. of the past three months the group take back antioch helped raise $25,000. the community has produced 8500. assemblyman jim frazier donated 2000 and pg&e added the remaining $14,500 needed to start repairs. the group is open to break ground in about three months one spring is here. >> during an afternoon walk with his honor, bart the dog wandered away and fell through the eyes on lake erie. is to from paws kept them from sinking in. lance
6:52 am
i care waded out into the icy water finally reached bargains spend an hour and half in the frigid water. lance held in closed before they were rescued. >> up it was it broken and i fell and improbably about 3 1/2 foot deep. i was talking to him trying to keep him warm. i was trying to rubbing it trying to get some blood flowing through body. >> burger king is trying to again win over tastebuds in france after a 15 year absence from the country. the no. 2 burger and the world open a branch at my size airport over the weekend. love bird king is taking another chance at the market after close its nearly 40 locations in france back in 1997 saying sales report. it's also planning a second location in the country in 2013. that one will be in reims in the champagne region.
6:53 am
>> don't call them freedom fries (laughter) concerns about the fiscal cliff going on the market the dow it's closer to the 13,000 mark. we will be back. a reminder that the new year's live is starting at 1130. ♪
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thousands of people gathering in san diego watch the 16th annual wiener schnitzel wiener at nationals. h-out race on a 56 ft. track for a thousand dollars prize and the title fastest wiener dog. oscar a. braun bounce up from tucson arizona was the winner.
6:57 am
preparations are underway for the famous new year's eve ball drop at times square in new york city. workers installed waterford crystal triangles on the ceremonial ball yesterday. the ball with its 288 crystal panels will drop down a 141 ft. tall flagpole to usher in the new year. the crystal panels have and doves chiseled into them for the same let there be peace. >> on hold on to your wallet. >> a new survey finds that americans are still holding on to their land mines. the centers for disease control says more than 20,000 households interviewed in the first half of 2012. just over half use wireless phones for nearly all phone calls. that's less than 2
6:58 am
percent increase compared to the same time last year. why the small increase? younger people are adopting wireless phones older folks are hang on to their land mines. only a quarter of those ages 45 to 64 were totally wireless. the number drops to attend for those above age 64. the rest of the study can be found on the cdc's web site. still had three officers are hurt after a gunman opened fire overnight inside their headquarters. that happened in philadelphia. also we're looking at the sierra, they have great winter weather there. if you like the cold and the snow that is what you'll get there. a live look at a fuzzy camera showing you conditions. also stocks are falling on wall street is down by 83 points right now. this is the the
6:59 am
market on track for its fifth consecutive decline. political gridlock over the fiscal cliff continues.

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